Starter Kit with Smart Door Lock SHP-DP727

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  • Free delivery and installation worth $90
  • Free Z-Wave module integration worth $90*
  • 2-year warranty on parts and services*

* Applicable to smart door lock only

The Starter Kit with Smart Door Lock contains the basic devices you need to start creating a friendlier, smarter home. It includes a hub and a smart door lock that allows you to go keyless and grant access to guests remotely.

You can also have better peace of mind by being able to view a live stream of what is happening at home.

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Digital touch keypad with random security code feature
  • Dual authentication mode & welcome feature
  • RFID card, mobile app & security code access
  • Mechanical key override
  • Z-Wave module for smart home integration
  • Acts as a sensor to trigger customised scenes


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Product Information

The Smart Hub is the "brain" of your smart home.

The hub communicates with all your connected devices, so you can control and customise your devices with the true-i mobile app. Connect up to 232 devices to the hub to extend your SmartHome capability.

Use the hub as a security camera too.

When motion is detected, the camera can be triggered to take a video recording. You can also view a 24/7 live stream of your home from the mobile app.

Remote access and control with the mobile app

Once you have gotten your SmartHome Starter Kit, you can monitor and control your home devices on-the-go with your mobile phone. Simply download the free true-i SmartHome mobile app from the App Store (for Apple iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) to start automating your home.

With an inbuilt camera on the hub, the app enables you to view real time footage of your house as well as playback video clips when motion is detected. The application also allows you to easily customise various scenarios (IFTTT, or “If this, then that”), such as having your aircon turn on automatically when you enter the room.

With the true-i mobile app, you can configure different scenarios, depending on your needs. For example, you can set your camera to start recording when someone enters a room or you can define a scenario to receive a notification when a window with a contact sensor is opened.

Up to 5 users can share the account, making it simpler and easier for your family to be connected.

Go keyless with the Samsung Smart Door Lock

Future proof your home without compromising on security. With the Samsung Smart Door Lock, you can conveniently unlock your door via the mobile app, Bluetooth, pin, or RFID cards.

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHP-DP727 Features:

  • RFID card/ PIN access
  • Digital touch keypad with random security code feature
  • Selectable dual verification access (PIN + Card)
  • Welcome feature for users (Sensor detects any motions within 70cm range)
  • Door access event log
  • Built-in Bluetooth for unlocking
  • In & out push message alert
  • Status notification feature
  • PIN to administer enrolment and deletion
  • Manner mode for quiet night outings
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • Emergency mechanical bypass key
  • Indoor wireless remote controller (optional)


  • Stable internet connection over WiFi.
  • iOS devices running iOS 8.0 and above or Android devices running version 5.0 and above
  • Power socket near where the Smart Hub will be installed (adaptor cable length is 2.5/1m)

Smart Door Lock Checklist

  • All doors must come with an automatic door closer. If you do not currently have one, the installer is able to install for you at $50 for a standard arm and $80 for a hold open arm.
  • The thickness of the door must be within 38mm to 80mm.
  • Houses fitted with grill gates must have a minimum distance of 70mm between the door and the inner gate handle.

Requirements for houses with fitted grills

Houses fitted with grill gates must have a minimum distance of 70mm between the door and the inner gate handle.

Requirements for doors with pull handles

The distance between the handle and the edge of the door must be at least 11cm. If the distance is less than 11cm, a relocation of handles will be required. Any imperfection due to the relocation of the handle will be repaired with putty or screw hole cover.

Requirements for doors with thumb press handles

After the smart door lock is installed, our installers will patch up the indicated area with wood putty or screw hole cover.


Technical Specifications

Smart Hub + Camera


Z-Wave (868.42 MHZ): Range up to 30 meters in Open Space

Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz): Range up to 10 meters in Open Space

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 degree Celsius

Working Voltage


Battery Type

AC power adapter

Power Consumption



86mm x 86mm x 31mm

Event Recording

720p HD Camera

AVI format in micro SD card

Streaming VGA 640x480 (MJPEG)

Recording playback via True-i app at 720p (H.264 Codec)

Angular View

120 diagonal viewing angle

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHP-DP727

PIN Combination

4 - 12 digits

User Capacity

1 user/admin password

20 RFID cards

RFID Cards

13.56 Mhz Mifare Type A (ISO 14443A)

Reading Range

RFID card: within 30mm

IR motion sensor (Intruder detection/welcome mode): within 50 cm

Dimensions (mm: W x H x D)

Out: 87.5 x 391.8 x 64.5

Inner: 88.5 x 357.6 x 69.3

Door Depth Requirement

38 - 80mm

Temperature / Humidity

-20 to 60 degree Celsius / Max 80%

Power Supply (Internal/External)

6V battery (AA size alkaline)

9V battery

Battery Duration

Approximately 1 year with 8 batteries (based on 10 times a day use)


What's in the box?

Smart Hub with Motion-Sensor Camera

  • AC Power Adapter
  • Front Cover
  • 1 x 16GB Micro SD Card
  • 1-year warranty for Smart Hub

Samsung Smart Door Lock SHP-DP727

  • 2-year warranty for Samsung Smart Doorlock SHP-DP727
  • 2 x RFID stickers, 2 x RFID cards, 2 x chain, 5 keys
  • Z-Wave module provided for future SmartHome integration

Free delivery and professional installation worth $90

Our trusted installation partners will deliver, set up, install, and make sure that everything is working correctly.



Download the true-i user manual (PDF, 5.5mb), or take a look at the Configuration & Troubleshooting FAQ on our Support page.